Complaints Policy


A Complaint includes any grievance or objection made by an individual or company which arises as the result of the suspected acts or omissions of TOR Group of Companies or any personnel (including contractors or employees engaged by it at the time the alleged acts or omissions took place) or any of its subcontractors.

If a member of TOR staff receives a verbal Complaint, he/she should direct the originator of such Complaint (“The Complainant”) to make his/her Complaint via one of the below methods so that it can be captured and dealt with accordingly.
A communication of a Complaint may be received in a number of ways:

  • Via email to the address:
  • Or phone: TOR Head Office Afghanistan to speak to a senior member of the TOR Country Management Team: the line is open 24/7 : +93 (0) 79 673 0195

To view the company’s complete Whistleblowing policy and Grievance Procedure, please refer to our Whistle Blowing page or contact: