CP Medic Head of Mission — Based in Kabul, Afghanistan

TOR are recruiting to fill the position of Close Protection Medic​. As a CP Medic​, you will carry out your responsibilities in a professional manner, providing exemplary medical care, understand CP principles and help to ensure team awareness and coordination.  


To apply for this position you must be:

  • At least 25 years of age
  • Physically fit with no underlying health conditions – these are physically demanding roles; you must be able to reach level 9 as a minimum on a 20m bleep test; perform a 30m weighted dummy drag; complete 30 press ups; 30 sit ups and 5 body weight back squats. 
    • Medical examinations and further health screening will be conducted as part of the enrolment process – to include Medical and physical fitness for duty; vision; hearing; sense of smell. 
    • Ongoing health evaluations will be carried out if you are a successful candidate.
  • Have an in date First Person on Scene Level 4 or equivalent qualification 
  • Hold a valid SIA licence or international equivalent
  • Hold a valid drivers licence 
  • Meet all security vetting requirements 
  • Meet all role specific requirements 
  • Team players with positive attitudes 
  • Ability to competently read, write and communicate in English and preferably French
  • Only personnel from a Five Eyes (FVEY) state may apply – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States

Apply For This Role

    To apply for this role you must agree with all of the following statements:

    I am over 25 years of age, physically fit with no underlying health conditions and consent to health screening as part of the enrolment process

    I have a driving licence

    I hold general Medical Certificates: General Medical Qualifications: Medical Technician Qualification Level 3 (Primary care Paramedic licence, clinical nursing skills, Field medical Ops, Combat First Aid), Medical Technician Qualification Level 5A (Adv Emergent Care Paramedic, medical doctor/nursing skills, prolonged field care, CBRN medicine), Medical Combat simulation training, Clinical skills Sustainment training, Combat First Aid/TCCC instructor

    Pre Deployment Certifications: First Aid for Health Care Providers, Advanced International Trauma Life Support (valid within 3 years), Current Tactical Medical Course Certification, Advanced Military Trauma Resuscitation Program

    Active Registration in good standing in a FIVE EYE paramedic registry

    Minimum rank of NATO equivalent OR-5 and honorable discharge

    I have a minimum of 5 years military experience with a combat arms unit

    Minimum of 1 years experience in an area of active conflict, including at least 6 months experience in Kabul, Afghanistan

    I have a minimum of 2 years experience as a Combat Medical Technician

    Ability to competently read, write and communicate in English and preferably French

    I am from a FIVE EYES (FVEY) state



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