Intelligence Analyst — Based in Kabul, Afghanistan

TOR are recruiting to fill the position of an Intelligence Analyst​. As an Intelligence Analyst​, you will carry out your responsibilities in a professional manner, understand CP principles and help to ensure team awareness and coordination.  


To apply for this position you must be:

  • At least 25 years of age
  • Physically fit with no underlying health conditions – these are physically demanding roles; you must be able to reach level 9 as a minimum on a 20m bleep test; perform a 30m weighted dummy drag; complete 30 press ups; 30 sit ups and 5 body weight back squats. 
    • Medical examinations and further health screening will be conducted as part of the enrolment process – to include Medical and physical fitness for duty; vision; hearing; sense of smell. 
    • Ongoing health evaluations will be carried out if you are a successful candidate.
  • Have an in date First Person on Scene Level 4 or equivalent qualification 
  • Hold a recognised CP Certificate 
  • Hold a valid SIA licence or international equivalent
  • Hold a valid drivers licence 
  • Meet all security vetting requirements 
  • Meet all role specific requirements 
  • Team players with positive attitudes 
  • Ability to competently read, write and communicate in English and French
  • Only personnel from a Five Eyes (FVEY) state may apply – Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States 

Apply For This Role

    To apply for this role you must agree with all of the following statements:

    I am over 25 years of age, physically fit with no underlying health conditions and consent to health screening as part of the enrolment process

    I hold valid CP certificate

    I have a driving licence and have advanced driving experience

    I hold a valid in date FPOS Level 4 qualification or equivalent

    I have a minimum of 5 years experience working in an intelligence analysis capacity with a law enforcement, military or intelligence agency

    Minimum 3 years experience creating threat assessments

    Minimum of 6 months experience, within the last 3 years of working in an area of active conflict, including at least 6 months experience in Kabul, Afghanistan

    Fluent in French and English, knowledge of local language is also preferable

    Be capable of effectively presenting written or oral presentation to staff at the NATO equivalent of OF-06 (Brigadier-General)

    Must hold Top Secret clearance (Canadian indoctrination), valid FIVE EYES TS-SI or equivalent clearance

    Canadian COMSEC training and certification



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