TOR was requested by international clients to establish a fully functioning Hospital Ship for deployment to Misrata. The client brief required that this primary health care facility was able to accommodate 80 beds, an outpatient unit, a full hospital emergency unit, operating theatres, post-operational care and a rehabilitation capability.

In developing the project, we balanced the client’s requirement against the budget, the available port facilities and the high risk environment into which it was to be deployed. In line with TOR’s approach to all projects, the planning for the practical elements of the Hospital Ship was carried out in parallel with consideration for the local community, their police and their security forces.

Our project team selected approved suppliers in multiple service areas including shipping, health-care and medical-facility manufacturers. A broad spectrum of risk management plans, procedures and contingencies were drawn up for services both on land and at sea.
TOR took the initiative to draw up plans for maximizing the long term benefit of the Ship’s deployment through working with and training both local hospital staff and local police and security forces.

In line with the client’s initial request, the fully equipped and staffed hospital ship project was ready within 11 months.