TOR was awarded a World Bank contract to assess the seven principle sea ports for international standards compliance.

A long term non-compliance verdict would result in reduced shipping with resultant restrictions in trade and food distribution to the increasingly deprived people of the region. Full surveys were carried out by our team of experts and detailed recommendations made. Short-comings included failure to control local militia threats, dysfunctional processes, lack of expertise across the management spectrum, ineffective auditing facilities and inadequate operational skill levels of members of the port staff.

The Ports Authorities then engaged TOR to provide full internationally accredited training of Mozambique’s sea port management staff, operational staff, ports police, security staff and medical support units.

Within the pre-determined timeframe of 18 months all ports were then independently re-assessed and passed as compliant, resulting in an uplift of trading and corresponding increase of food supplies to the regions where they were most needed.